Winter Tyres

The typical UK temperature in November through to March is less than 7 degrees centigrade. Winter tyres are uniquely designed to perform more efficiently in these winter conditions.

Do you know that drivers are, up to an incredible six times, more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident during these months? Slippery wet roads can practically double up your vehicle’s braking distance, and if you are driving on icy road surfaces, it can astoundingly multiply your usual stopping distance. Winter tyres can significantly improve braking distances by around 10% in the wet condition and 20% in the snow. Hence, they are worth the investment.

Many cars here in the UK come fitted with summer or all-season tyres, but when the temperature falls, the winter tyres are designed to remain softer and allow better traction. They offer excellent grip under the cold and damp conditions, permitting better traction in the wet conditions.

The secret to their improved grip in the wet condition and on icy surfaces are the Sipes, as they enable smoother movement of the rubber on the road. A summer tyre would stay stable and therefore struggle to maintain a good grip. Winter tyres designed to gather snow in the tread grooves known as sipes, and their broader tread grooves also help the tyre to disperse water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning (where the tyre struggles to disperse the excess water) that can lead to a complete loss of control.

The main attributes of winter tyres are:

• The compound has a softer rubber which includes more natural rubber.

• The top of the tread block is marked with little slits, better known as sipes.

• Winter tyres tend to have a far deeper grooves in the tread than that of a summer tyre.

There are vast benefits of having winter tyres such as:

• They reduce stopping distances on wet and icy road surfaces

• Vastly improve the overall handling as well as braking

• They also provide enhanced grip

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