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Tyre Manufacturers - Landsail Tyres

Here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs, we position Landsail tyres as a high-end budget, and we are proud to be associated with this high quality and cost-effective brand.

Landsail tyres came into the UK four years ago, and in this short time they have succeeded in raising the bar on offering value and quality and are now established in over 100 countries worldwide and are one of the UK's fastest growing brands with around 1.5 million tyres sold per annum. They are produced by the Chinese manufacturer Qingdao Sentury Tyre Company who operate in more than 150 countries worldwide which include the likes of North, South and Central America, Africa and Asia. 

In 2015 they were ranked as the 50th largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Their factory in Qingdao was opened in 2009 and is now one of the most automated tyre factories in the world, and this has led them in being able to produce an incredible 12 million tyres every year. They are already planning on opening another factory in America so they can reach their target of 10 million tyres a year.

Landsail tyres offer excellent performance, they also have one of the most extensive ranges in patterns and sizes and cover virtually every make of car, SUVs, and vans. If it is a summer, winter or Run-flat tyre you require then Landsail will have it. Their vision is to be a leading brand through service, fill rate, quality of product and communication so choose Landsail if you require a perfect combination of efficiency, high performance, and durability.

Please see below some examples of their range:

LS988 is a high-performance tyre for cars that provide a sporty feel and enables a genuinely responsive driving experience. The directional patterns offer outstanding grip whatever the condition, the outer block pattern allows responsive cornering while the v-shaped lateral grooves allow high-speed performance and traction.

LS388 – Is the latest addition to the passenger car range and by using an advanced silica compound offers a fuel efficient drive, the advanced tread compound allows outstanding grip and minimal resistance, the combined grooves do not compromise the performance in the wet and the optimised pitch alignment allows minimal noise.

Landsail CLV6 – This tyre was manufactured for SUV’s, and the tread blocks maximise the dampening characteristics to enable a smooth and comfortable performance.

In 2015 Foxy lady drivers tested the LS388, and as a result of their superior performance and handling, they were happy to endorse Landsail tyres.

Did you know they even make tyres for the Boeing 737?

Here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs, we recommend Landsail tyres as we think they are the ultimate combination of durability, performance, efficiency and won’t put a dent in your bank account. You should also take great comfort in knowing that we offer an accidental warranty on every Landsail tyre so please speak to us for further information.

To purchase your Landsail tyre why not use our online ordering facility and within seconds you will be given a highly competitive price. Alternatively, if you require further information, then please give us a call on 01509 211 717.