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We at Loughborough Refurbs pride ourselves on being one of the 500 official TerraClean Service centres in the UK.

TerraClean - the ultimate engine cleaning system! When we first saw this TerraClean system, we knew, we have to get this for our customers! The TerraClean Decarbonising technology is a relatively new technique. So in case, you are not familiar with this technology and what it is used for, let us tell you a bit more about it..        

Cleaning of the fuel system

Many car owners have heard about engine cleaning.

When asking our customers about it, these pictures come to their minds when thinking of engine cleaning: "pouring some liquid in to flush dirt out" or cleaning the engine with a steam cleaner." Well, forget about the steam cleaning bit. There are indeed some old style "pour-in products" products available. But these have proven inefficient as they are simply not good enough to remove all carbon from a vehicle's system. They fail to clean the most important post-combustion parts of a car's fuel- and exhaust system.

So what does TerraClean do?

TerraClean is not some liquid you just "pour in". Our system uses highly refined fuels which are run through the vehicle's engine via our specially designed cleaning unit

Petrol engines build up carbon deposits in the combustion chambers, the ports of the exhaust, the CAT (catalytic converters) and on the lambda sensors. So after a while, all petrol injection systems become badly contaminated which has a very bad effect on the engine and it's running performance

Petrol consists of 2 main components, the aromatic fuel and aliphatic fuel. Both are irreplaceable for optimal combustion and engine power.

The molecule structure of the aliphatic fuel is very loose in order to burn easily. It leaves almost no carbon residues in the combustion chambers. But since it provides less power, it's always blended with the so-called aromatic fuel. The aromatic fuel is exactly the opposite - with a tight molecular structure, does not easily burn, needs the aliphatic fuel for combustion, creates carbon deposits that build up in the lambda sensors, the chambers of the combustion, the ports of the exhaust, CAT etc.

These residues can hinder an engine's efficiency badly. the combustion chambers become more and dirtier which means the vehicle's CAT and lambda sensors are not working efficiently anymore.

After a while, the dirt will also build up in other parts of the engine, eventually blocking the little valves and ports, the fuel injectors. As a result, the engine will not run efficiently anymore and can start misfiring as well.

Why is TerraClean better than other engine/injector cleaning services? TerraClean cleans in two stages:

First, it cleans the (manifold) injection plus the inlet valves so the injectors and the regulator for the fuel pressure. This means fuel will be burnt better with fewer Hydrocarbons left in the exhaust gasses.

The second cleaning stage uses pure aliphatic fuel and a passive - (=negative) electric charge. This so-called "columbic fractionation", breaks the fuel's molecular structure, so it turns from liquid to vapour. The natural + (positive) electrical charge in the carbon inside the combustion chambers, the exhaust, CAT, lambda sensors etc. means the fuel and following exhaust gasses are drawn to it and eventually turn the carbon into carbon dioxide. Through the exhaust, the carbon dioxide will come eventually. The combustion chambers, the exhaust, the CAT and the lambda sensors are clean.

The vehicle will run smoother, more efficiently and with lower emission. Cleaning with TerraClean is not just for petrol engines. By using a slightly different technology, we can certainly also clean Diesel vehicle's engines. The engine is also being connected to our Diesel decarbonising machine. Diesel engines are getting cleaned in two ways with the TerraClean system - through recirculation of the exhaust gas and the particle filters.

Induction Clean

Engines with direct injection are prone to a build-up of carbon, especially in the intake valves. During a typical fuel system service, these valves are not being cleaned. A separate cleaning process (induction clean) is necessary.

For this, we use a special TerraClean pressure tool and a deposit cleaner. The cleaning liquid is sprayed directly into the valves so even the hardest carbon bits will be removed.

Another option is the so-called "vacuum line attachment." A very good solution, especially for Petrol engines. Even inaccessible areas of the fuel system can be cleaned properly.

DPF Cleaning with TerraClean

The DPF (diesel particulate filter ) is a part of the exhaust system and is designed to catch grime and diesel particles, so less emission is released into the air. DPFs can actually clean themselves through under certain driving conditions. Only a little bit of ash should be left after this regeneration process. Sensors fitted inside the DPF unit are conected with the vehicle's ECU to signal when cleaning is needed. That sounds good, but...

DPFs do not always regenerate on time either due to technical errors or a particular way of driving.

Once the filter is getting full, you will see the light on your dashboard. Then, at the latest, you have to resolve the issue otherwise the car will eventually stop working. During the standard Diesel engine cleaning with the TerraClean system, the DPF will be cleaned, so there will not be any problems.

If you come to us while your filter is already badly blocked, we will use a special tool to free the filter.


Removing the DPF from a vehicle is illegal and getting a new DPF fitted costs good money. So prevention by regular cleaning is definitely cheaper.

Even in rare cases when the DPF is so badly blocked that it cannot be cleaned the conventional TerraClean way, we can help.

We will remove the DPF from your vehicle and send it off to a specialist TerraClean service centre. After only a few days it can be put back into the vehicle, and it will be as good as new. So, this was quite a lot of information. In case you did not get all the information, have any additional questions, would like to get a quote or want to book an appointment, please get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help.

TerraClean at Loughborough Refurbs.