Car Tyres

Hardly any component of the vehicle is as underestimated as tyres.

For most people, it's just a black, round piece of rubber. But tyres are the only link between the car and the road. In an area of just the size of a postcard, they transmit all the force that is generated in the vehicle's engine.

Tyres need the care to show their performance potential, so do not neglect them.

Air pressure:

The correct air pressure in tyres plays an essential role in ensuring optimum driving and wear behaviour. Too little or too much air negatively both affect this behaviour.

The rule of thumb says that never have a low tyre pressure; it is preferable to have 0.1- 0.2 barof pressure more than the usual because that does not "hurt" the tyre. Doing this may reduce the rolling resistance, and also decreases fuel consumption. The tyre’s air pressure should not be higher than the recommended value for a full load (see the manual of the vehicle).

Service is essential to us; therefore the air pressure control is free of charge for you. Just come by, without an appointment, and we will check and adjust the tyre pressure correctly.

Do my tyres still have enough tread left?

The profile depth should be checked regularly. The legal minimum profile depth is 1.6 mm (thickness of the wear indicator) below which your car will fail the MOT test. Our experts strongly advise our customers to keep the minimum tread, not under 3 mm for summer tyres and under 4mm for winter tyres.

Come to us for a free tyre check!

Here at Loughborough Refurbs, we take a good look at your tyres and make sure there is no hidden damage or bulge; we check the tread depth and at the same time set the correct tyre pressure.

The service is fast, affordable, and reliable at Loughborough Refurbs Fast Fit Centre.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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