4x4 Tyres

If you are looking to purchase 4x4 tyres online then here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs we can offer a vast selection of 4x4 tyres, mud terrain, and luxury 4x4 tyres so we can fulfill your every need at a very competitive price.

We have been selling 4x4 tyres for many years and have gained a vast knowledge, so rest assured that you are in very safe hands with us here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs.

If you are at all unsure of the difference in car tyres and 4x4, here is some information we hope you will find the below useful:

The distinct difference between your everyday car tyre and a 4x4 is the size. A large number of people call 4x4 tyres when they aren’t they are actually 4x4 off-road tyres and then there’s also 4x4 all-terrain and 4x4 on-road tyres.

Let us start by covering the road tyres. These tyres are uniquely designed to retain the grip on mud, grass, snow, and dirt. The tread on these tyres is a lot deeper; they also have more significant gaps in between them than the average car tyre. On a muddy surface, a road tyre's shallow tread would become clogged with mud which would lead to a loss of friction; this is crucial to ensure proper grip rather than having a spinning tyre. 

On and off-road tyres have a far greater tread depth. Therefore, the chances of the tyre becoming clogged up are less likely. This is down to the rubber in contact with the ground at all times. This, however, can cause more friction as when the vehicle is on a typical road surface they will become worn a lot quicker, therefore, reducing its life expectancy. The resistance can slow the car right down which in turn will have an impact on your fuel consumption. One simple way of remembering this is the higher the friction between the vehicle and the road will mean your engine is having to work a lot harder to move the car.

We hope you found this information helpful and the next time you’re looking for a high quality affordable 4x4 tyre then obtaining the correct tyre for your vehicle could not be simpler and is merely a few clicks away. If you know your tyre size or vehicle registration number, why not use our online facility and you will be shown all the brands available for your vehicle. It doesn't get any easier so why not come to us at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs, and our team of experts will be happy to advise you accordingly.