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I think it is safe to say that many drivers have at some point had an accident or had a minor scrape in their treasured vehicle.

As one of Loughborough's best independent garages, we can provide competitive quotations for any repair work you need. Here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs we’re highly skilled in what we do and have been giving bodywork repairs to vehicles in Loughborough and the surrounding areas for many years which has enabled us to build up a reputation of being highly professional, honest, cost-effective and wanting to do right by our customers. We take immense pride in investing in both our staff and facilities. There will be no red tape with us, and we will carry out the repairs while offering a first-class service, so you can feel completely confident in knowing that your beloved car is in safe hands with our highly experienced staff as they will treat your vehicle as they would their own.


We are fully equipped when it comes to dealing with repairs to the bodywork of your car. Our primary focus is on attention to detail so whether you are looking for a fix due to being involved in an accident, having a minor bump or scrape you can rest assured of our best attention at all times. If you have been in a crash then the last thing you need is a body shop that can’t carry out the complete repair, you will not have that issue with us, and our experts will take the time to explain the repairs required, the duration and the costs.

We have invested in the very latest equipment required to estimate and repair your vehicle to the manufacturer's specifications. If your car has a dent however large or small, it will make a significant difference to its appearance, and nobody wants that do they? By allowing us to repair any damage/dents to your vehicle, we will soon have it looking as good as new.

We repair all the following types of car body damage.

Light Accident Damage

Paint Chips & Bumper Scruffs

Small Dents

Stone Chips & Scratches

Even if your vehicle has damage to multiple panels or the damage is located in delicate areas such as the roof or bonnet, our professional body shop team will be able to help. 

Over the years customers have come to us with damage after a crash, and it is important to remember that your insurance company will try and make you use their favoured contractors but, as a motorist, it is your preference to use whichever repair centre you choose.

Please note that it is always worth coming to us here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs before contacting your insurance company. There have been many occasions whereby we have been cheaper than your actual excess plus this will have no impact on your no claims or hike in future insurance premiums. So, without denting your, no claims bonus then call today on 01509 211 711 or bring your car into us so that we can carry out an inspection and offer you a very competitive quote.