Premium Vs Budget Tyres

Along with the different makes and models of cars that are available in the market to suit your needs, a wide range of different variant of tyres are also now heading the automotive sector. Based on different criteria, like season, type of road, vehicle etc., tyres now come in accordance with all our needs. Having said that, a wide variety of tyres is available in the market depending on your budget, ranging from premium and luxury tyres to mid-range and finally budget tyres.

Choosing the correct tyre for the mileage you cover and your driving style is vital. With such a wide range to choose from and a vast difference in price, it is likely that the cheaper one on offer will be the most appealing. Here is some information for you to have a deeper insight into different budget tyres in the market.

Premium branded tyres

When we talk of premium tyres, we think of Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, etc. We know that these tyres will come at a cost because of the luxury features they provide. By purchasing a premium tyre, you are investing a handsome amount of money, but with good reason. Along with good money come great features like wearing-resistance, fuel efficient, higher durability, and maximum safety.

In product tests, premium brands outperformed the cheaper brands by offering enhanced grip, improved wear, and better fuel efficiency. If you are the sort of driver that covers excessive miles every year or sets on high speeds on the motorways then these tyres may well be worth paying extra for.

Budget Tyres

Budget tyres are better suited for drivers who travel at lower speeds, cover less mileage and more urban driving. If this is your driving style, then there is a good chance that these tyres will be more economical for you. Primarily budget tyres offer good value, but they do not carry the distance.

What is tyre Labelling?

EU tyre labelling requirements are now mandatory for most new tyres. It means that all tyre manufacturers must be more careful in providing more transparent performance labelling on every tyre. As a consumer, this enables you to make a more informed decision regarding which tyres are most suited for your vehicle. The types of roads you drive on and what your driving style is should also be taken into consideration while making that decision. Since the introduction of the EU Tyre Label, consumers have found this hugely beneficial as it clearly shows the fuel efficiency, wet grip, and external rolling noise. The new legislation is to provide information to motorists on the performance of the tyre. In doing so, the EU hopes to increase the overall road safety, allowing tyres shopping to be more cost-effective and to reduce the impact that tyres have on the environment.

Once you’ve considered all your requirements and most importantly your budget, you need to look at the EU tyre label for more information on your purchase. If you are at all in doubt, then speak to us here at Loughborough Refurbs. We will ask questions relating to your driving style, mileage, budget, etc. and based on this we will be happy to make a recommendation on a tyre to suit you and your vehicle.

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