Tyre Repairs

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Many drivers know the problem - suddenly you have a flat tyre! 

But what then?

If your tyre is losing pressure, this may have a very harmless reason: The valve is defective. This problem can be easily and inexpensively eliminated by a simple valve replacement. But if the tyre itself is damaged, and the air can no longer be maintained, expert help is needed.

A specialist should always check tyre damage. Only a professional can advise on the possibilities of repair. Not every puncture means that a new tyre has to be purchased. 

At Loughborough Refurbs we can repair tyres quickly and at a very low cost.

A tyre repair depends on the type of damage.

How can I avoid punctures?

Most punctures are usually unavoidable, but if you consider the following, you can reduce the risk:

- Regularly check the tyre profile for broken glass or other foreign objects

- Always ensure the correct tyre pressure, and do not forget the spare tyre

How do I know that something is wrong?

When a tyre slowly loses air, it can be detected either visually (this tyre has a lower tread depth than the other tyres on the vehicle) or during driving (the driving behaviour changes gradually).


In the event of a sudden drop in pressure, the driver quickly loses control over his/her vehicle. In this case, try to hold the steering wheel and bring the vehicle to a stop. 

Then change the tyre immediately.

If your vehicle has a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), the system will report immediately when the pressure in one of the tyres decreases.

If your vehicle is equipped with run-flat tyres (RFT), the vehicle can still be controlled in the event of a sudden drop in pressure. With RFT tyres, you can still drive a certain distance at lower speeds.

What should I do if I have a flat tyre?

If your vehicle is equipped with run-flat tyres (RFT), you can still drive about 60 miles with a top speed of 50 mph thanks to the reinforced sidewalls of these tyres.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you also visit the nearest workshop to have the tyre checked and replaced. 

How often can a tyre repair be made?

Before attempting a tyre repair, first, refer to the owner's manual of your vehicle for possible restrictions (especially in high performance, sports cars) on the part of the manufacturer in connection with the use of repaired tyres.

Whether tyre repair is possible depends on the type of damage and which part of the tyre has been damaged. For safety reasons, only damages in the tyre profile may be repaired - repairs of the tyre sidewalls are not safe and therefore not allowed by law!

Always have tyre repairs performed by a specialist. Here at Loughborough Refurbs, our highly trained experts know exactly what they are doing. All repairs are carried out according to the strictest safety guidelines and only with the best materials.

Can all types of flat tyres be repaired?

No, there are also cases where a tyre repair is no longer possible. That is why it is so important to have the tyre checked by a specialist. 

If the tyre is damaged within the tread area, repair is usually possible. 

If the tyre shoulder or sidewalls are damaged, the tyre cannot be repaired. Run-flat tyres and High-performance tyres are in most cases not repairable for safety reasons. 

Also, tyre damage that has previously been treated with an emergency repair kit cannot be professionally repaired due to the chemicals and sealants in the repair kit.

But please don't worry, in these cases, your Loughborough Refurb professionals can advise you on which new tyre you need.

We have tyres available for every budget.

So, if your tyre is damaged or losing pressure, come to us straight away. We will do our best to solve the problem most safely and inexpensively.

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