Summer Tyres

Initially, summer tyres were known to be the typical regular tyre, until the production of the winter tyres. Winter tyres were manufactured to allow safety in icy and snowy conditions. But when the temperature reaches 7-degrees Celsius or above: summer tyres are uniquely designed to provide far superior levels of performance, resistance against aquaplaning, and enabling reduced braking distances.

Summer tyres are the ideal choice for high-performance vehicles as they are built to provide agility and speed. The tyre is made from a rubber compound which is softer than that of a winter tyre and allows better traction and grip in summers. Therefore, they enhance the stability to enable higher levels of performance, improved braking, and cornering.

When the temperature drops below 7-degree Celsius, the unique compound will become stiffer, whereas the winter tyre will retain flexibility. There is also a vast difference in tread patterns as summer tyres will offer enhanced performance in wet conditions. The unique tread pattern is designed to help disperse the water and hence giving great resistance against aquaplaning. It also has a more rounded outline which lowers the risk of rolling resistance, enabling a better grip.

The main benefits of purchasing a Summer Tyre are:

• Improved speed and agility

• Receptive steering

• Enhanced road holding performance

• Lower risk of aquaplaning

• Greater grip

• Better performance in wet conditions

• Reduced braking distances

• Minimal noise

We highly recommend that you opt for a summer tyre, if you drive more than 4000 miles per annum, drive in mixed conditions, require comfort and minimal noise, require better fuel efficiency and want the best safety for yourself and your passengers.

We advise that if you use winter tyres, then you should replace these with summer tyres once the temperature is 7-degree Celsius or above. If you are concerned about not having the space to store your tyres, know that we will be more than happy to save them for you in our secure workshop, against a nominal fee. We will also take it on ourselves to remind you when it is time to put the back on your over.

We have them all, the right set of summer tyres that your vehicle is in need of. You can pay a visit and get them for your cars today. If you have some questions regarding summer tyres, feel free to call us. Our experts here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs, will help you with all of your problems.

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