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Michelin was initially founded back in 1889 by two brothers in France. Ever since the brand has grown to become a world-class player when it comes to tyre production. This leading global manufacturer spans across 170 countries.

Michelin’s tyre production in the UK started in 1927, and since then they have become one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the country. They are manufacturers of cutting edge tyres which focus on fuel economy, safety, and high performance. The group had a turnover of more than 150 million tyres in 2009. They continue to be relentless in terms of innovation and expansion to ensure that they supply the very best tyres to their ever-growing customer base. Their iconic ‘Michelin Man’ is recognised throughout the world and was even voted the ‘Best logo symbol of all time’ in 2000.

Michelin tyre lasts five times longer. Therefore, it allows you seven more months of motoring. Whatever tyre you are looking for, you are bound to find it within their extensive range which covers car, 4x4, SUV, van, camper, and electric car tyres. They also supply a fantastic range of high performance, summer, winter, and all-weather tyres. All Michelin tyres are designed using the latest technology, thus, meeting the balance of performance, safer driving and longevity.

Michelin has been heavily involved in motor sport for a significant number of years and comes with a wealth of experience. After two hugely successful seasons that have seen improved tyre performance. Michelin became the official supplier of tyres to the MotoGP world championships, an association that goes on for an incredible five additional seasons, up to the year 2023.

Michelin continues to come up with avant-garde formulas for the launch of their revolutionary Cross Climate tyre. It was the first summer tyre with winter certification. The Cross Climate was merited with the three peak mountain snowflake certification. Therefore, it provides exceptional performance, be it on the wet tarmacs, on snow-covered roads, or when the temperature drops. It hence enables the driver to have high confidence as they are prepared for any weather, all year around!

We, at Tyres Loroughbough, stock a wide range of Michelin Tyres to ensure we cover all your tyre and safe driving needs. To place an order you just need to spare a minute to use our online ordering facility by entering your vehicle’s tyre size or vehicle registration number, and we’ll provide you with an excellent price. Alternatively, if it is advice that you need then speak to our team of highly qualified experts. We are always more than happy to help!


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