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Tyre Manufacturers - Runway Tyres

Here at Loughborough Refurbs, we are your local Runway distributor who is proud to offer an extensive stock of this high-performance, affordable tyre.

Runway tyres are manufactured by Giti Tyre who has eight manufacturing facilities, stretch across more than 130 countries and have around 32,000 employees. Giti Tyres is ranked amongst the top ten largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Their extensive range covers car, SUV, van and light truck and this high-quality product adheres to all the European regulations and standards. Using the latest cutting-edge technology has enhanced the product design to ensure they achieve a market-leading position.

The Runway tyre is Fast developing a well-deserved reputation for providing high performance, durability tyres as well as helping the driver achieve excellent control, superb handling whatever your driving style and definitely won’t break the bank.

Their car range includes:

Enduro 716 – This is a touring all-season tyre designed for enhanced mileage, better grip/durability and allows better handling. This is available in 8 different sizes.

Enduro 726 – offers a more comfortable ride, allows better steering response and wet driving resistance. This is available in 22 different sizes.

Enduro 816 – is a premium comfort tyre and its silica compound reduces the risk of rolling resistance and provides outstanding grip in both wet an dry conditions as well as enhanced mileage. This is available in 23 different sizes.

Enduro 926 – is an ultra high-performance tyre, ensuring excellent braking and handling performance whatever the weather. This is available in 3 different sizes.

Enduro HP- is a summer tyre that guaranteed high-speed capability, excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions delivers environmental performance and reduces the risk of rolling resistance. This comes in 34 different sizes.

SUV range:

Enduro SUV – This is a high-performance summer sports tyre an its grooved central rib reduces irregular wear, ensures minimal noise and is available in 10 different sizes.

Enduro AT2 – This is an all-season tyre which provides excellent traction in all terrain and weather conditions. There are 13 different sizes available.

Enduro HT2 – This is an all-season tyre designed for enhance handling and comfort, greater mileage and grip as well as minimising noise even at higher speeds and is available in 20 different sizes.

Enduro M/T- This is another all-season tyre allowing better traction, cornering, exceptional off-road capabilities and is available in 8 different sizes.

Light truck and van range:

Enduro 616 – Allows excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, reduced fuel consumption, offers a high load capacity and is available in 21 different sizes.

Enduro L/T – Is produced for a; commercial van and delivers maximum mileage, high-performance grip, a high load capacity ensuring driving safety and is available in 5 different sizes.

We offer an accidental warranty on Runway tyres so to make your purchase why not use our online ordering system by inputting the tyre size you require or your vehicle registration number and within seconds you will be presented with a highly competitive price.