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Loughborough Tyre Refurbs are delighted to offer a comprehensive car battery service.

Most of us would have had a flat battery at some point during our years of driving, usually on an early winters morning! Or miles away from home. During the cold winter months, the drop-in temperature reduces the performance of your battery coupled with the need for us to rely on our car heaters and lights mean that if your battery is going die it is more likely to happen on a cold winter morning! You jump in the car, turn the key in the ignition and…… nothing! The battery has decided to take a nap so next, we try a jump start. Did you know that battery failure can also occur during the summer months as the heat can cause corrosion?

It is important to realise that your car battery is the primary source of all electricity in your car as it powers both the starter and ignition and produces extra power when required to ensure a steady flow of electrical energy so choosing the right battery is vital.

The typical life expectancy of a high-quality car battery is around 4-6 years depending on whether the car is used for long periods or mainly just used for shorter journeys. We advise you to get your car battery in Loughborough checked every 12 months, and here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs, we can do that for you with our free car battery check service. If it’s a new battery you need, then we can replace it, or we can diagnose the fault that is preventing it from charging. There is not a great deal you can do to protect your battery from the ravages of bitter cold mornings or intense heat in the summer aside from garaging it.


It is worth bearing in mind that there are some factors which could cause your car battery to fail:

By not having your car regularly serviced can lead to battery failure.

Only purchase genuine car parts as they can drain your car battery.

Any obvious signs of Deterioration on the battery cables and terminals.

Accidentally forgetting to switch off your lights or radio (we’ve all been there)!

If your car isn't driven regularly, then ensure you start it frequently.

To avoid car battery failure then follow the points below:

Are your lights flickering or are dimmer than usual?

Are your electric windows a little sluggish?

Invest in a battery conditioner especially if you are not using your car regularly as they help increase the life expectancy of your battery.

Ensure that anything electrical inside and outside the car is switched off when they aren’t in use as if left on overnight this will severely drain your battery.

Here at Loughborough Tyre Refurbs we have been replacing car batteries for many years and stock, supply and fit car batteries according to the vehicle specification and requirements. If you are at all unsure as to the problem, then we offer a free battery test which will cover the testing of the battery and alternator. Call us today for advice and replacement car batteries from the experts you can trust.