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wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is often referred to as tracking and is a part of the standard maintenance of your vehicle. It involves the correction of the angles of your wheels to ensure that they are parallel to one another and are at a 90-degree angle to the ground.

Wheel alignments that we can help you with are the toe, camber, or caster alignment. We offer a standard laser option for your front axle. We also use our highly sophisticated Quick Track, which is one of the most innovative wheel balances

The different types of wheel alignment that we deal in are as follows:

Front-end: This covers a front-end alignment and adjusts the front axle. This particular alignment is suited for a vehicle with a solid rear axle. This is the most basic option and is referred to as ‘toe and go.'

Thrust: This also covers the front-end alignment, but ensures that all four wheels of the vehicle are square with one another. The thrust alignment is recommended for cars with a stable rear suspension and produces far more significant results, ensuring increased fuel economy.

Four Wheel Alignment: This is suitable for vehicles with independent four-wheel suspensions. This alignment combines all the elements of a front-end and thrust alignment but also ensures the correct positioning of the rear axle angles.

Toe-in: This ensures that all of your tyres’ angles are aligned with the centre of your vehicle. The opposite of this term is a ‘toe out’ as the correct toe position will slightly vary depending on its suspensions or whether it is a front wheel, rear wheel, or an all-wheel drive.

The camber, caster, and toe angles are found on every wheel, and when these are aligned correctly, it enables the vehicle to drive straight. When the camber, caster and toe angles are misaligned, it will cause you to experience wheel alignment problems such as your vehicle pulling to the one side or causing uneven tyre wear.

You may be wondering why your vehicle requires a wheel alignment?

The primary purpose of wheel alignment is to lower the tyre wear and to ensure that your vehicle travels straight without pulling to one side. A vehicle's wheels often go out of alignment with everyday driving. However, bumps and knocks which usually occur from the car making contact with say, a pothole can have an instant impact on the vehicles tracking.

Sometimes you may not immediately feel the effects, but at other times you will most definitely feel your vehicle pulling to one side which has a knock-on effect on your vehicles fuel economy, as well as your tyre wear and an even deeper wear on your suspension components. Even if you do not experience any of these effects, we highly recommend that you have your wheel alignment checked with us on an annual basis for a better driving experience.

Here are our prices:

Front wheels only - £34.99 Laser 

Front and rear wheels - £49.00 Digital whit computer printout 

Cambers - £29.99 Additional charge 

As with all wheel alignment testings, we strongly advise you to carry a ‘normal’ load during the test. So, if you are a trades person, we suggest you remove all heavy tools, product load, etc.

Once we have completed your wheel alignment test, you will be given a printout outlining your vehicle’s wheel angles before and after the alignment. Book an appointment with us at Loughborough Refurbs, today! We value the safety of all our customers and will carry out a thorough test against nominal charges.

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