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Are you thinking about buying Dunlop tyres for your vehicle? 

That surely is a good choice! 

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Dunlop is delivering amazing tyres for over 125 years now. It all began in Northern Ireland in the year 1888 with the first pneumatics. Since then Dunlop has become one of the most successful tyre producers on the planet. The name Dunlop Tyres stands for advanced technology and innovations. The collaboration with many vehicle manufacturers enables Dunlop to create top-performance tyres in the segment of the more luxurious and sporty cars. Even the most sophisticated drivers will be satisfied with the quality and performance of Dunlop tyres. 

Dunlop tyres - production starts  only after a long and extreme testing period. 

For the tyre label introduced by the EU, tyres are being tested under 3  criteria; independent motor-and automobile clubs and also specialist magazines normally judge tyres under 15 different criteria. Dunlop however, looks at the new tyre's profiles, and that's a minimum of 50 different criteria which have been developed by their own company engineers. Above all, the behaviour of the tyres under all circumstances - even the most critical ones like aquaplaning or grip on ice is thoroughly tested.  

Only if all 50 test criteria have been successfully mastered a tyre will be approved to go into mass production. 

Noise shield technology for extra high driving comfort 

In order to reduce the rolling noise of their tyres, Dunlop has created the so-called noise shield technology (= a foam layer placed on the inside of the tyres). 

Inside the vehicle, a noise reduction of about 50 Percent can be noticed. 

Dunlop tyres always show the best driving characteristics 

In various tests, the performance of Dunlop tyres has been praised. Whether it's their summer tyres or Dunlop winter tyres - they always come up to the top-three positions. 

Dunlop and motorsports - this relationship has been going on for many, many years.  

This way, Dunlop has always been able to test their latest inventions and technologies under the most extreme circumstances to make sure once the tyres go into production for road-use, they are the best and safest quality. 

With the Dunlop Test Centre at the Nürburgring Race track in Germany, this strategy is clear. A tyre that passes the extremely demanding tests on the "Nordschleife" is superior enough to be used by customers. 

So, you, you can't really go wrong with Dunlop Tyres. 

Please have a look at our website. By typing in the tyre size, you need and choosing the brand and season you need the tyres for, you will be able to see our full range of Dunlop tyres we have available. 

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