Pirelli TyresAre your old car tyres screeching a lot on roads? Or, are you afraid your car isn’t offering you as much mileage as before?

Well, it looks like your car tyres have reached their limit. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for tyre shopping, as soon as possible.

But are you confused about which brand to pick? Well, when it comes to passenger car tyres, it’s best to go for a brand that is an all-rounder.

Hence, presenting before you – Pirelli!

Using their 145 years of technological expertise in developing aesthetic tyre designs, Pirelli offers some of the premier tyre models of this century.

On this note, let’s take a walk through Pirelli’s world to discover what makes them the real pioneers in this diverse market.

Pirelli – The 5th largest tyre manufacturer

Born in Milan, Pirelli has 19 manufacturing sites at present. People in over 160 countries use their tyres for driving regularly.

That’s not all; this mega tyre brand engages more than 30,000 employees and has nearly 14,600 tyre distributors around the world.

Presently, Pirelli’s name is well known, owing to their cutting-edge technologies and innovations. So if you are using Pirelli car tyres in Loughborough, be proud, for they are indeed some of the best ones going around in the market today.

Here is a sample of their innovative proclivity –

Pirelli’s PNCS

Pirelli is one proud brand, and they take pride in offering drivers across the world, the optimal driving experience. One of their most noteworthy achievements is developing PNCS – Pirelli’s noise cancellation system.

This feature enables Pirelli tyres to eliminate cavity noise. This cavity noise is the result of the vibrations generated within a tyre’s structure.

Pirelli’s PNCS offers you the following features –

  • A foam-like material is used within the tyre cavity to absorb the resonant airwave.
  • For maximising contact with the surface, open-cell foams are used. It enables the sound waves to scatter in between cells, thus reducing noise.

For example, the SCORPION WINTER and WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 are two of the best Pirelli winter tyres equipped with PNCS technology. You can check out these two Loughborough Refurbs Fast Fit Centre tyres and stay ahead of the curve.

Moving further, Pirelli is also a brand that puts paramount attention on driving safety. Hence, to ensure drivers a smooth, hassle-free ride, they developed the Seal Inside technology which reduces the chances of a puncture.

Pirelli’s seal inside technology                          

For optimising safety and driving pleasure, the Seal Inside technology by Pirelli allows a car owner to keep driving to 50 km for 50 miles even after a puncture.

Noteworthy features –

  • Pirelli’s Self-Sealing tyres use a material that forms a sticking layer inside the tyre, as soon as a puncture occurs. This material is present adjacent to the tread pattern and helps in blocking any plausible air leakage. Thus, it prevents the chances of unforeseen road accidents.
  • The Seal Inside tyre is fast and effective. As soon as a puncture occurs in the tyre, the technology gets to work and seals the hole at a rapid pace. Moreover, it’s so swift that often riders aren’t even aware of these punctures.

For example, Pirelli’s P ZERO ranges provide some of the best tyres equipped with Seal Inside technology.

So there you have it, now don’t let your old tyres put a halt on your driving experience. This time pick Pirelli and get ready to enjoy long lasting tyres with advanced technology.